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Professional Radiator Service & Repair in Kamloops

Southgate Radiator & Auto Service is home of the best radiator service and repair Kamloops offers. We also provide industrial repairs and aluminum core cooler service.


We can perform many repairs to industrial radiators. These include:

  • Custom Building Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Bolt on Tanks
  • Complete New Hardware Kits
  • Repair Core Damage in Brass and Aluminum Cores
  • Replace Filter Necks and Hose Connections
  • Tube Rod Out
  • Cleaning Cores of Grass, Grease and Mud

Custom Build

  •  Radiators – Aluminum / Brass / Copper / Steel
  • Charge Air Coolers
  • Heat Exchangers / Oil Coolers

Re-Core & Rebuilding

We can replace just the core:

  • We Stock Some Popular Cores
  • We Can Meet Your Special Needs by Face Dipping, Steel Fins and Header Braces
  • Re-Cores Carry a 1 Year Warranty

Is your car in need of auto or radiator service? Kamloops drivers trust us for all their car repair needs. For reliable radiator care and vehicle maintenance, call us today!

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  • Industrial Equipment
  • Mosabi
  • Snowmobiles / ATVs / Bikes
  • Charge Air Cooler
  • Oil Cooler
  • Heater Cores

We offer:

  • Automotive Radiator Services
  • Industrial Radiator Services
  • Aluminum Custom Radiators
  • Aluminum Oil Coolers
  • Re-Coring Services
  • Repair Services