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Benefits of Regular Maintenance


Having your car in for its normal check-up by a Kamloops mechanic is just like what we do when we have our yearly physicals. Our certified mechanics make sure that nothing is wrong, and if there are issues, you can then proceed to get them fixed. It will make your car reliable over the long haul because the maintenance will help to diagnose any problems your car may be experiencing.


Having scheduled maintenance done by a mechanic in Kamloops at Southgate Radiator & Auto Service will only help to keep the value of your car. Letting problems slide or get worse will only cost you more money in the future. If you are looking to resell your car sometime down the road, you will want to make sure it has no problems (or minimal problems). Keeping up with its maintenance will help you to accomplish that goal.

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We Service:

• Automatic Transmissions

• Manual Transmissions

     1) Drive Line

     2) Front Differential

     3) Rear Differential

     4) Transfer Case

• Power Steering System

• Cooling System

• Engine and Fuel System

• Brake System

• Electronic Computer Diagnosis

• Tires & Wheels

• Mount & Balance Tires

• Fuel Tank

     1) Repair

     2) Customize

     3) Coat

     4) Clean

     5) Test

• Custom Build Radiators and Coolers

• Fleet Maintenance Scheduling

Our Brands:

• Raybestos

• AC Delco

• Motorcraft